100 Years

Well summer, is coming
Every brother’s looking for something
A piece of ass, some grass
All day on the beach on my ass
Just bummin’, around
I juggle work to party in town
Like a clown, on heat
I visit the local beat

I like my girls phat
I’m known as the coolest cat
I walk down to the beach in slow motion
All covered in sun-tan lotion
The waves hit my pecs’
All my girlfriends get wet
My friends have caught that summer fever
They call me the pussy teaser

I lived the century that killed God and sold the moon
We really should get over it the party’s starting soon
I’m sick of winter, I hate postmodern art
I’ve lived a hundred years under the fog of a fart

The girls are hot
And they’re looking for fun
They’ re nicely tanned
From the summer sun
The guys are sweet
And brown like honey
The worst one here makes
Ricky Martin look funny

Summer’s comin’ and we’re breaking it down …